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Our Sheriff is always eager to get his name in the papers. Sheriff Staly is either a news hound or does not trust his staff. You can always tell when election season is coming. Marshall Earp will appear more and more in the media.

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And yet after all of this response effort the suspects eluded capture. How does one manage to elude dogs and a helicopter? And so now we have two more delinquents in our community.

Bravo FCSO. Maybe you guys need to go through a little more training on hpw to apprehend people that flee. So let me get the numbers stright, about 25 involved and they come up empty, the K-9 could not track the Preps, the Copter could not locate them. I think he needs a mobile TV van so he can make news and broadcast it at the same time.

Ignore the noise. LEO do the best they can every day. Keep up the great work and be safe. No one bats I actually had moved to Daytona to escape them!

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Way too much section 8 housing and home rentals to ex cons in palm coast. To Concerned Citizen, that comment is just plain mean. He seems very open to using technology to make the law enforcement easier, safer and more efficient.

Suspect accused of speeding through Volusia, Flagler counties

I do think our justice system is WAY too lenient. Law enforcement can put them behind bars but the Judges just release them back into society to commit more crimes. What scares me more is NOT knowing what is happening. They only uphold the law, not create it. There are many more places in this country where crimes are far more rampant and the community has no idea what is even going on around them.

Solving crime is a community effort. See something, say something. Sometimes the bad guys do get away. The beauty of this country is, If your not happy here then your welcomed to go somewhere else. Be the solution, not the problem. If we just had 6 more deputies to not catch those bad guys the story could have read. More than 20 deputies failed..

If all these keyboard ninjas have an issue with the way our men and women in uniform are doing their jobs, I implore them to become more active in their community rather than playing mister or misses answer-for-everything behind their computer screen. Yes perps occasionally get away. But after establishing a perimeter and deploying dogs and a helo? My 2 cents , when the bad guys went in the canal the dogs lost their scent,as far as the chopper,all the bad guys had to do is crawl under a vehicle and then the choppers FLIR wouldnt be able to track them anymore, how do I know this?

I caught a guy at the end of my driveway as I was leaving for work am, I questioned him and he had no good reason for being there,so I ran him off,the next day I found out from reading Flagler live what had happened the previous day,so,I reported what I had seen to the cops and to make a long story short, they explained to me how the bad guys were able to escape.

I dont think this was lack of trying by the police,I think both times the bad guys were lucky. Most of the time in an incident like this the police do a very good job. I feel like property rentals should be approved by the city.

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And these homes are just a source of supplemental income. That invites ever shade of ingrate imaginable. I know because he use to be my supervisor years ago. My stepdad, who use to be a sheriff in a small town where I grew up was the same way. Just like Sheriff Staley is trying to do. Prepaid Account balances:. The initial Replenishment Threshold should be based on at least three days of anticipated usage. The Service Center reserves the right to increase the Replenishment Threshold based on User's usage patterns to aid in the maintenance of the Account s.

Daytona man charged in 4 Palm Coast vehicle break ins

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